Settlement agent vendor management 53713c5f2f71718e94be5b0600ccfebef2d83fe28e1691c54845a6d7a35b12a2Outlined in the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act, third-party relationships must be monitored to prevent corruption and protect a company from significant risk.

12th Floor’s proactive approach to compliance reduces, if not totally eliminates, known and perceived risks, ensuring business strategies and transactions are ethical and compliant. It also safeguards customer satisfaction and protects 12th Floor members from negative public opinion.

How do we do it? State-of-the-art vendor management

12th Floor’s vendor management technology aggregates the risk posed by each vendor, allowing financial institutions and our members to assess their impact on all business transactions in real time.

Our thorough metrics on vendors determine whether or not a company poses a risk to a 12th Floor member or their clients:

  • Financial status and that of counter parties
  • Leadership and management reputation
  • Infrastructure
  • Technical capacity
  • Social media, and more